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08/11/2018: A belated birthday and a handful of Rage!

  • Welcome back to Streets of Rage Online and Wook Oak Central! Streets of Rage Online celebrated it's 17th birthday this month alongside Streets of Rage itself aging at 27 years old now! 

  • What is Wood Oak Central you ask? WoC is the community portion of Streets of Rage Online, from Twitter to Discord to Facebook, Youtube Twitch and beyond!

  • Streets of Rage Online is almost here but in the mean time have a look at the layout. I'm working on a more streamlined, organized and easy to navigate website for you to enjoy. We have lovely new graphics thanks to myself, and contributions from PrimeOp and Avenger!

  • Please be patient as we venture through the site's return as there a huge number of pages to rebuild from the ground up. You can find myself and the community on a number sites listed below and in the community links tab. I mostly frequent discord so you can find me there.

  • Hope you like the new look and I also hope you ready for the bright future this lovely series and it's fanbase has ahead of it. Rage on fellow vigilantes.


- Mr.Din

Streets of Rage Online is split up into 4 main sections with their very own sub sections. You can access any page using the menu system at the top of every page. Every page will have a menu on the side for navigating each respective section.

- Main Site -

  • News Archive - Records of older news updates dating back to the sites origins!

  • Podcasts - Our occasional recorded podcasts, originally started by Streetsman and Glisp and now continued by Mr.Din

  • Editorial - Frequently asked questions

  • Essential Files - files needed for emulation, netplay etc.

  • External Links - Links to other sites and SoR related materials off site.

  • Shop Page - Streets of Rage Merchandise!

- Games -

  • Streets of Rage - The game that started our beloved franchise! All the info you'll need here.

  • Streets of Rage 2 - An extensive look at what many consider the finest title in the series.

  • Streets of Rage 3 - The final title in the series and a divisive one at that. All info here as well as exclusive in-depth looks at the hidden motorbike stages cut from the final game and all the Streets of Rage 3/Bare Knuckle III differences.

  • Bare Knuckle Mobile - A Japan only remake of the original Streets of Rage, not a bad entry to the series although unfortunately exclusive. Also includes the translation by Sharpshark as well as some hacks.

  • Streets of Rage Remake - An awesome remake of the SOR trilogy Developed by Bombergames. Easily the best fangame to date and one most consider a definitive experience.

  • Next Generation - Any Info, news, and speculation on brand new, next-gen SOR titles from Sega. As well as Spiritual follow ups such as "The TakeOver" and "Plan Brawl"

- Community Works - 

  • Mods of Rage -  IPS patches that modify the original games.

  • Streets of Rage Maker - A section dedicated to the modding tool powered by the SoR Remake engine, Tools, Tips and Tutorials as well as some Featured Maker Mods!

  • Beats of Rage Mods - A look at the wealth of SOR based Beats of Rage mods available, including Rage of the Streets and the Shiva & Lisa trilogy.

  • Fan Games- Other fan games based on various game engines such as UEI, Mugen, the Evolution Engine, etc.

  • Community Section - All fan submitted works and gathering belong in this section

- Community Links -

  • Discord - Come chat with us on our discord, be part of this growing community!

  • Message Boards - Our dedicated section on the Brawlers Avenue Forums. Not as active as it used to be but still open for those who want to post their works or discuss on a more organized venue.

  • YouTube - Subscribe to our brand new Streets of Rage Youtube page, Podcasts, playthroughs and news!

  • Facebook - Like our facebook fan page.

  • Twitter - Check out out Tweets of Rage!!

  • DeviantArt - Join the club and have a look at some great fan art.

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If you have anything Streets of Rage related that you think deserves a place here, don't hesitate to contact us. MP3 remixes, fangames, ROM patches... We're always looking for new material to enrich the site. If we believe it's got a place here we will give you full credit. We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate or poor quality material, and the webmaster's decision is final.


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