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  • Bombergames - A remake of the classic SOR games for PC - official site.

  • Wikipedia - Streets of Rage - Wikipedia's excellent SOR article

  • Ancient - Ancient's website. It's mostly in Japanese although there is an English section (with some bizarre translations). The best thing about the site has to be the fact that Yuzo Koshiro posts on their message board quite frequently, so if have any questions for the electronic musical maestro it's the perfect place to visit.

  • The Cookbook Gaming Blog - Blog from award-winning games journalist Dave Cook (from Games™ magazine). Check out "The Week of Rage" and "Week of Rage Stage 2", a series of articles on the SOR series, its history and its fanbase.

  • Extreme Disaster - Ever wanted your very own Streets of Rage action figures? Take a look how this guy made Axel & Blaze, as well as a whole load of other characters.

  • CustomCon 22 - Check out this brilliant custom-made Axel Stone action figure!

  • GameFAQs.com - Streets of Rage - GameFAQ's section for the first game.

  • GameFAQs.com - Streets of Rage 2 - GameFAQ's section for the second game.

  • GameFAQs.com - Streets of Rage 3 - GameFAQ's section for the third game. I post quite a bit on the discussion board here.

  • Streets of Rage France - French SOR Community

  • Streets of Rage series resource (squidoo) - A page designed by shanktoofs detailing many aspects of the SOR series and community.

  • OverClocked Remix - Game Music Arrangement Community, featuring high-quality SOR soundtrack remixes.

  • Chronocrash  - The official site for OpenBOR and its mods, including 'Rage of the Streets'

  • Project 2612 - The one and only source on the web for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive VGM soundtracks.

  • Sega - The Official Site.

  • Brawlers Avenue - The father site of SoR Online hosting a community dedicated to classic brawling/fighting games.

  • Rage Quitter 87 - A fantastic site featuring various game shrines and a section detailing all the various regional differences in video games, including SOR.

  • ClassicGaming - A must visit for anyone interested in classic video games.

  • GameFAQs - The best site there is for cheats, guides and walkthroughs for games on any platform.

  • The Video Game Museum - Great site with loads of pics and scans from games of all systems. Nice design too.

  • VGMusic - Site with a huge archive of video game music in MIDI format.

  • Final Fight Online - Site dedicated to the classic Capcom brawler.

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